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I credit having two older sisters with my falling in love with EVERYTHING BEAUTY. Watching two fashionistas while growing up turned out to be a seduction of my interests. I was quite the tomboy until 8th grade  then it began. As a teen, I began to devour every beauty editorial in all of the top fashion magazines: Vogue©, Elle©, Essence©, Cosmopolitan©, Harpers Bazaar© and Seventeen. I could not get enough. I was ever-willing to spend my last $10 on an eyebrow pencil and two fashion rags. I would spend hours at the nearest store to browse the make-up lines and become familiar with every tool there was. I learned to sew at a very young age (Mommy made sure), so this was the time I started designing and sewing my own outfits to wear to school. So of course I had to have nails and eye shadow to match. If my blouse had black and white stripes or a checkered pattern, then so did my nails and eyes. Eventually becoming a NAIL TECHNICIAN & MAKE-UP ARTIST was a natural progression.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

THE CASE AGAINST B.I.G S.Q.U.A.R.E B.L.O.C.K EYEBROWS!!! (& other overdrawn monstrosities)

 Ok, here I go again. Constantly on a rant about brows. I LOVE EYEBROWS! They are the facial feature that have captured my heart - on men, women, boys & girls. I just love them! Although intended to be nature's protection for the eyes; serving as an awning of sorts to grab wayward debris from entering those peepers. How we have come to esteem them as such a thing of beauty? Maybe because of the way they frame our eyes, the beautiful windows to the soul...

Anywho...I believe my obsession was born out of the genetic card I happen to have been dealt. Those thick beautiful & full natural brows just don't run in my family. Being a beauty junkie since I was about 13 - I was primed to eventually become a Make-Up Artist; THAT IS HOW MY INTENSE LOVE AFFAIR WITH BROWS BEGAN!

Through my work, I am blessed with many opportunities to enhance, shape, sculpt, groom & create brow looks that run the gamut. Soft & pretty, striking high-fashion, faint & delicate, naturally refined...the list goes on & on! Having incorporated Make-Up Artistry Education into my repertoire, I have noticed a few buzz words/phrases that I always use in my descriptions of well done beautiful eyebrows.

Facial anatomy, symmetry, proportion, scale, balance...sometimes I feel like I'm beating a dead horse. Yet I keep it up; there is always someone who may get something out of what I keep saying over & over & over again. So if you find this boring, please turn away now!

Here I go!

The bad:

I see many brows EVERY DAY that I find to be criminal. Many done by the wearers themselves & LAWD HAVE MERCY - some people actually paid someone to make them look that way. UGH!!! Tragic. I created a few monstrosities on myself so you'll see what I mean:

ANGRY ANGULAR - Who came up w/this shape & that awful angle?...SCARY!

BETWEEN LOVE & HATE - Oh! A thin black line, REALLY??? REALLY???

EBONY & IVORY - I'm all for a nice brow highlight, but WHYYYYYYY!?

GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT - If that's not a comma, I don't know what is!

MAGNETIC FIELD - These seem to be drawn...TO EACH OTHER! WAAAAAAY too close.
ROAD BLOCK - There they are, THE BIG SQUARE BLOCK BROW! Just stop! Too too much harshy mcharshness & that wretched square. I shudder...

ROTUNDA - Ronald McDonald is not a beauty icon. The victims of these always look, well... surprised. Sad. :-(

IN-VITRO - My my my, sperm-like shapes have no place in browdom.

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? - Too big, arch too high, OVERDRAWN, just too too much & makes one look too too CRAZY!

BROWAREXIC - Ok, shape is ok, but why so so so very thin. These have definitely missed some meals.

TOO TOO STRAIGHT - NO CHASER - Too much of this brow is parallel to the floor. Stop it please!
See all of the above in my Facebook album, Brow Styles I Despise!

The graph below is what I use to show bad proportion, scale & balance. Explained in detail in a previous blog HERE.

This graph is what I use to show the beauty of obedience to facial anatomy. Simple as A, B & C! Also explained in detail HERE.

Now, it 's only fair that I use myself, once again to exemplify what is wrong in the brow world & why it is just so important that brows do have scale, have balance, obey facial anatomy, have proportion & really have a somewhat seamless-ness about them - within the goal of achieving precision. So on the LEFT, Photoshop helped me to show why this blog's namesake - B.I.G S.Q.U.A.R.E B.L.O.C.K EYEBROWS should be banished from creation. Few, if any situations call for brows like this. After all CLOWNS are not style icons as I mentioned earlier & the beauty industry aesthetic is far from this & those atrocities above! On the RIGHT is my actual current Facebook & Twitter avatar; it shows how I really wear my brows most days.

See what I mean? A softer brow that fades faintly towards the bridge of the nose is so much more realistic, attractive & balanced. If you are a MUA & you do brows like the ones on the left, I hope I have offended you into reconsidering your technique & adjusting what you believe looks correct in the over-all scheme of brow things! :-)

The good: When working with brows, I always obey what I call the A B Cs of shaping which are shown here on a real live model. The premise is based upon consideration of the face as a whole; being mindful of every facial feature & their relation to brows. Eye spacing, the continuum between the brow & bridge of the nose, width of nose, width of lips...EVERY FACIAL FEATURE!!

My favorite technique for sculpting brows with color cosmetics is to enhance (& strengthen if sparse) brows with powder or eyeshadow in a hue that compliments the natural tones of the skin & the natural depth of the person's features. This would typically be a color that is slightly lighter than the hairs of their natural brow. I'll then go in with a SUPER SHARP brow pencil & draw VERY FINE hair-like strokes (same color as hairs of natural brow) in sparse areas to add dimension. I find powder alone can sometimes look flat & unrealistic. Pencil remedies that & lends to a more natural, real-looking mimic of the brow. Another method I often go to is using brown cream liner (with a very small, precise angle brush) to draw on super fine hair-like strokes that go in the same direction of hairs in that particular zone of the brow. For ultimate precision with this method, load brush with product, then pinch & shape with fingers.  Which ever method I decide to employ, I find it very important to make sure the finished brow flows flawlessly into that beautiful curve of shading near the bridge of the nose (See near A in diagram). THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO AVOID SQUARE BLOCK EYEBROWS because you're obeying facial anatomy.

The following pics show some of my make-up work. These are some of my fave brows I have done in the past:


In conclusion, to my colleagues - OUR JOB IS TO GIVE OUR CLIENTS THE BEST! We have a duty to bring a certain level of expertise based on someone trusting us with providing them the most beautiful cosmetic enhancement. I say we do a disservice to them if we skew the interpretation with BAD BROWS! I REST MY CASE!

Jennifer James, your friendly neighborhood

※ MAKEUP ARTIST [ARCH]-itect EyeBROWoPhile™ - Let me build on your beauty, I have the blue print.©

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

★ SKYPEbeauty Sessions - Mary Kay, Avon & Amway Reps Specific


Thank you for your interest in my SKYPEbeauty sessions.

Having worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years, I decided to bring my experience to the education realm several years ago. Through this process, I discovered the over-whelming desire for other Make-Up Artists & Beauty Professionals like yourself to improve in aspects of Make-Up Artistry.

Along with classes, hands-on workshops & private lessons (Personal, Artist 2 Artist & Business 2 Business) I added my SKYPEbeauty sessions over a year ago to take advantage of the boom in global communications via the Internet. The convenience of the visual medium SKYPE is very conducive to this process because of its' simplicity, availability as free download & affordability. Everyone with a web cam can SKYPE!

I have developed customized SKYPEbeauty Programs specifically designed for businesswomen & businessmen who are Representatives of Mary Kay, Avon & Amway Cosmetics Companies. The sessions are catered to assist you in conveying Make-Up Artistry to your diverse customers/clients in a way that will guarantee increased revenues per sale, more effective client retention, increased credibility for you as a Beauty/Image Consultant - which will result in a more lucrative endeavor over-all. 

Your customized SKYPEbeauty Session :

• Detailed to work within your company's special guidelines
• Designed around your company's product selection & collections
• Focuses on up-selling through broader product knowledge
• Tips for engaging your demographic in depth through investigation
• Seamless development of relationship between skincare & makeup
• Personal artistry skills for branding your own image your way
• Specific ways to convey artistry to clients for more satisfaction

Jennifer James Beauty's SKYPEbeauty sessions:
75 minutes per customized session
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Multi-lingual capabilities to service global clients
$65.00 USD (payable through PayPal)

Having said all of that, what's the next step? The consultation!

We may begin consultation by you telling me a few things about yourself & where you would like to go within your company as a Beauty Professional. Be as detailed as you have time to: Experience, location, education, other interests, family situation, student status, etc. Send information to JenJamesBeauty@gmail.com.


Thank you for your interest & I hope to be hearing from you very soon.
Jennifer James | Make-Up Artist | SKYPE Name: JenJamesBeauty

*Jennifer James Beauty is in no way affiliated with any company mentioned in this post; the above endeavor is
completely independent of said companies and has not received any corporate sponsorship, compensation or endorsement thereof.

Free Download of latest version of SKYPE HERE!
Purchase SKYPEbeauty Session HERE!
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Friday, December 10, 2010

What should I do, for myself and clients, to prevent the eyes from watering and ruining false lashes? It seems like when my eyes water the outer corner NEVER drys up for hours. Even when I take a qtip and wipe. the lashes never stick. I use both Duo

Begin by dabbing away moisture with plain facial tissue. Apply an extremely thin pin-wide line of adhesive to lashline where you will attach strip as well as on the strip. Let dry about 30 seconds & begin lash application at outer corner working inward.

Be sure to not begin placement too far outside of the corner of the eye. Trim lash to customize. As eyes contnue to water, keep dabbing so that moisture does not disturb adhesive. Practice! Success is just down the road!

Jennifer James Beauty *WINKS*

Why are you being so shy? ASK! It's anonymous.

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I would like to thank you for answering my questions. I am a stay at home mother with MS and a freelancing mua on the side. I look forward to joining one of your classes sometime.

Thank you for the question! It is truly my pleasure! ANYTIME! I'll be praying for your health & strength...ITNOJESUS, AMEN!

Why are you being so shy? ASK! It's anonymous.

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What do you recommend browwise, for a person with eczema? The eczema thins my eyebrows. I've tried eyebrow pencils, but they look so fake, and I'm not a makeup person per se -- mascara, gloss and I'm done. Am I applying it wrong?

To avoid the fake/ overdrawn look: A freshly sharpened brow pencil really is the best option for you.

Make sure pencil is super sharp. Use soft wispy strokes in a slightly upward motion while following natural brow shape. (begin in the higher part of your natural arch to give lift) Wispy strokes with a sharp pencil allows you to add definition that mimics real brow hairs.

Avoid adding too much definition to the brow near the bridge of your nose. You want it to be softer there so that it looks somewhat natural. See diagram below for guidelines in enhancing brow with regard to facial anatomy - while using your natural brow as a guide.


Be patient, it takes practice. Try to find pics of a model or celebrity with similar brow shape as yours to see how theirs are done. This may help give you perspective.

Hope this helps!

Jennifer James Beauty

Why are you being so shy? ASK! It's anonymous.

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Everyone knows, and always says, to start off with a clean, exfoliated, and moisturized face. How do you do that with a client on location?? Or any client in general?

I used make-up remover clothes that have a texture to prep skin. The texture gives you the option for mild exfoliation as the cloth mildly cleanses & hydrates the skin.

Add moisturizer while skin is still damp, let that absorb for a few minutes then apply primer.
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I have seen work from other MUA, where the look went from dramatic to soft. This was done on the same person (bridal). How do you do that without ruining the face makeup?

Dramatic to soft can be accomplished cleanly by muting intensity w/ foundation that was used. Precise, careful softening of dramatic features of the look should be done w/ brushes and/or sponges that give you great control in handling details.

Dab foundation into area that is to be softened & where possible/necessary - swipe away some of the color/intensity. Continue by making sure foundation is still even all over (stippling w/ sponges like Sonia Kashuk or Beauty Blender for flawless results) & finish with loose powder, in a blending fashion to soften the look over-all.

Hope this helps! :-)

Why are you being so shy? ASK! It's anonymous.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

SKYPE Beauty Cyber Monday Offer!

Need Make-up Application help?

How about a 1 on 1 lesson  via SKYPE with 

SKYPE Beauty is a full hour of hands-on applied make-up techniques, tips & tricks.  During session, you will also receive product recommendations & targeted instruction with a focus on time saving yet flawless results.  All of this cosmetics knowledge is customized to your specific beauty needs.

Only $45 USD.

Go to http://www.JenniferJamesBeauty.com

Proceed to CONTACT page. Click SKYPE Beauty logo to get started! We will need to complete an  email or phone consultation to customize your session & go  over product recommendations before session for optimum productivity. You may use contact form to begin the process.

*Special Make-Up Artist' Sessions (w/ model) also available!*


All SKYPE Beauty Sessions purchased by 

TUES NOV 30th 2010 @ 3am EST (12 Midnight Pacific)

will receive an additional *30 minutes* of session time!

Click SKYPE Beauty logo above! Looking forward to meeting you on the web!!!
Email: JenJamesBeauty@gmail.com for  more details, to schedule pre-session email consultation & to request phone consult.

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Jennifer James Beauty was very happy to have celebrated 1 year anniversary of SKYPE Beauty in October, 2010. Looking forward to many more years with this medium & connecting with many more SKYPE Beauties all over the world! (with the help of TransClick for Skype)

Global SKYPE Beauties so far: Greece, Nigeria, England, Brazil, South Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, Dubai & St. Lucia. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SKYPE Beauty Black Friday Offer! Part Deux

Need make up application help? Know someone who does? How about the gift of a 1 on 1 lesson via SKYPE Beauty Session!

SKYPE Beauty is a full hour of hands-on applied make-up techniques, tips & tricks.  During session, you will also receive product recommendations & targeted instruction with a focus on time saving yet flawless results.  All of this cosmetics knowledge is customized to your specific beauty needs. 

Only $45 USD.

Go to http://www.JenniferJamesBeauty.com

Proceed to CONTACT page. Click SKYPE Beauty logo to get started! We will need to complete an email or phone consultation to customize your session & go over product recommendations before session for optimum productivity. You may use contact form to begin the process.

*Special Make-Up Artist' Sessions (w/ model) also available!*


All SKYPE Beauty Sessions purchased by midnight, Friday DEC 24th will receive additional *30 minutes* of session time!

Click SKYPE Beauty logo above! Looking forward to meeting you on the web!!!
Email: JenJamesBeauty@gmail.com for  more details, to schedule pre-session email consultation & to request phone consult.

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SKYPEbeauty Sessions - Mary Kay, AVON & Amway Reps Specific:

Jennifer James Beauty was very happy to have celebrated 1 year anniversary of SKYPE Beauty in October, 2010. Looking forward to many more years with this medium & connecting with many more SKYPE Beauties all over the world! (with the help of TransClick for Skype)

Global SKYPE Beauties so far: Greece, Nigeria, England, Brazil, South Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, Dubai & St. Lucia. Pin It Now!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

★ NOV 2010 Classes in METRO-DETROIT

*2011 Workshops HERE*


::: NOV 2010 Class Line-Up.

Make-Up Artists, get your models & be ready to go full-throttle in these hands-on, intensive sessions that are designed to enhance your product knowledge, experience & make-up artistry.

::: BROW BOOT CAMP 11/11  

::: "I WANT MY EYES LIKE THAT!" 11/13  



Click link below to see class details.  Enter site then click the CLASSES link.



Email questions to jenjamesbeauty@gmail.com

If you have more questions, please attend the Jennifer James Beauty NOV Sessions Conference Call Q&A! It will be this Sunday November 7th, 2010 at 10am EST. This brief call will be for answering ANY & ALL of your questions/concerns related to the classes & future sessions.  

Conference call participation from interested parties everywhere is welcome.

The dial-in number is (218) 862-1000 & access code is 428926#.

Thank you as always!






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Friday, October 8, 2010

★ IMAN Cosmetics in-store Event!!!

Join me for an IMAN Cosmetics™ event this Saturday OCT 09 2010 featuring the 

NEW IMAN Cosmetics™ Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup!

Come get expertly matched & your own custom color face charts! 

This exclusive event in Detroit, MI will be at Walgreens location #4797, 6331 E. Jefferson Ave. Detroit 48207 (313) 567-4202 from 11am to 5pm.







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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Make-Up & A Racial Divide...in 2010?!?!

I recently worked a very cool gig. Had a great time with the principals, they were satisfied with my work & we had a ball on set.

Later, I was informed by the hiring agent that along with my experience in the type of make-up required for the project - my sharing of African-American heritage with the client did weigh-in on my being sought for the job.

 A "comfort level" was mentioned in regards to perception of different races being able to execute make-up looks on complexions other than their own. Not at all was this the 1st time I had dealt with this subject matter. I have actually seen this same frame of thought be exhibited in several situations & from more than 1 side.

So I ask, Make-Up Artists - what is your opinion on this matter? What have you experienced with regard to this? How have you taken steps to assure potential clients that your knowledge & skill level are diverse enough to warrant their trust?

I would also like to hear from clients/consumers who have a point of view that they would like to share.

Civil discourse on any matter is always a step in the right direction. So let's get another conversation going where the goal is ultimately to extend clarity & understanding to all involved.


Discussion of topic on my FB page HERE:

*Photos used are from past work & are totally unrelated to client/job cited above.*
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Monday, September 20, 2010

"Why *eyes 1st* Stunts Growth of Your Artistry"

Aaaah....the debate goes on between aspiring/new/working/retail Make-Up Artists & veteran/Top Industry Pro Make-Up Artists...

The big question: Apply *eyes 1st* or *foundation 1st*? Why? Does it matter? Depends on the artist, right? Some techniques are better in some situations than others, right? Well...

I count myself amongst the veterans in the Make-Up Artist's groups I cited above. Working in this industry for the past 20+ years, I am thankful to have been able to see & experience many sides, aspects, scenarios and work conditions industry-wide. Many consistencies exist as a Make-Up Artist navigates their different jobs. Whether consumer applications in the retail environment, bridal, photography, video, fashion, film or television - you are expected to adopt industry standards and produce make-up in accordance with the industry aesthetic.

I'll begin by giving my opinion on the whole argument: Foundation 1st, no bones about it!
FOUNDATION: Definitions
1) Noun - The basis or groundwork of anything.
2) Noun - The act of founding, setting up or establishing.
3) Noun - A cosmetic, as cream or liquid, used as a base for facial make-up.
Synonyms: spine, fundament, infrastructure, anchor, cornerstone
Source, World English Dictionary found here.

With that said, foundation is indeed the groundwork for setting up a beautiful make-up application for these reasons.
  • Skin prep and expert application of foundation is essential to your end result. All of your color products (eye shadow, blush, brow color, lip liner, bronzer etc) perform better, LOOK BEST & go on more smoothly when your base is in place
  • When time is of the essence, EVERYONE (actor, model, newscaster, singer, consumer, all clients) look better and more together when foundation is CENTRAL to the application
  • A well prepped, even & smooth complexion is the crux of the make-up industry standard & aesthetic...PERIOD

      Ok, now we get to the juicy part. As an avid user of TWITTER & FACEBOOK for the past 2+ years, I have been able to connect with more make-up artists in/on so many more levels of the industry than I ever imagined I would. Through these electronic medium - the conversations, advice, tips, photo exchange, sharing & everything make-up/beauty have taken on a new level colleague interaction. Fantastic! This whole *eyes 1st* vs *FOUNDATION 1st* debate has gone back & forth on a global stage.

      So I have to ask, WHERE DID THIS *EYES 1ST* MONSTROSITY COME FROM??? I had NEVER heard of it until I 1st free-lanced at a retail counter (to remain nameless for the purpose of fairness) where the manager told me that this is an advised practice that was put into place to avoid foundation being ruined by 'fall-out' from eye shadow. I've heard (with my own ears) that almost ALL of the MUAs who use the *eyes 1st* method say that they go this route for that same reason. I don't argue the fact that you do indeed avoid 'fall-out' if you do *eyes 1st* but...let's talk about 'fall-out'.

      'Fall-out' occurs when excess eye shadow falls (gravitational pull) from an eye brush or is otherwise expelled (velocity) from the brush during application of eye shadow. Back & forth whisking of an eye brush can indeed send excess eye shadow to parts of the face that we do not desire eye shadow to appear. So what is a make-up artist to do? Having posted this subject to my FACEBOOK profile, the discussion did indeed heat up over there! Arguments for yeah & nay on both sides. We even had the fabulous Michelle Villanueva of Shadow Shields (http://www.shadowshields.com/) chime in because they received a shout out on the *eyes 1st* side. One thing is certain, MUAs & consumers that use them love them! I haven't gotten around to it as of yet, but when I do try Shadow Shields, I will STILL APPLY *FOUNDATION 1st* because I agree with many top industry pros on the importance of that part of make-up application technique & based on my own experiences.

      "Why *eyes 1st* Stunts Growth of Your Artistry"

      Ok, this is where I explain just a few of many technical aspects of why/how *eyes 1st* can indeed stunt the growth of our first MUA group, aspiring/new/working/retail artists.

      A) I see it as a crutch that may hold you back:

      If you ONLY aspire to apply flawless make-up with the *eyes 1st*  application order, then ask yourself - When will?
      • You extend your technique in the direction of achieving better & more precision?
      • Your methods peak in the areas of brush selection for particular areas of the eye?
      • You push yourself to adjust how much product you pick up on the brush & do sufficient 'tap-off' to avoid 'fall-out' in the first place?
      • You commit to refining your personal brush techniques?  (which will make it way more likely that you rarely experience significant 'fall-out' if you have any at all)
      • You step into the reality of the TOP INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTISTS who are where they are because THEY CHALLENGED THEMSELVES ALONG THE WAY. They honed their skills, and refined their techniques in ways that catapulted the term 'fall-out' from their vocabularies.
      As you step into different circles in the industry, I believe you may find that other industry pros expect your work to reflect a high industry standard. *Eyes 1st* may get in the way of execution of this. A few scenarios:
      • The photographer is shooting with an HD camera. You get the whole application finished so that you can start shooting. The camera picks up the fact that you have gone the *eyes 1st* route because it shows up in the bridge of nose/eye area.
      • The area above/in the top of your clients/model/bride's brow does not have properly applied foundation as a base - so it just does not look as "clean" as it could/should.
      • There is a definite line of demarcation between lastly laid foundation and this eye shadow that proceeded it.
      • So in essence, you really DO NOT save time with *eyes 1st* method (as proponents of this method say is 1 reason for their choice to use it) when you have to go back & make corrections to your 'house' because your 'basement' has not been laid properly. This also squashes the "clean" argument.
      The point of this blog post is to get MUAs to thinking about additional ways to improve their skill level. Many speak of aspirations to one day have stellar careers & cosmetics empires like Billy B., Kevin James Bennett, who is team eyes 1st along with Pat McGrath (& when you are as masterful as they are at BOTH eyes 1st & foundation 1st, let me know), Sam Fine, Lottie Stannard, Bobbi Brown, Tym Buacharern, Francois NARS, Val Hunt & others who would likely vote on the side of *foundation 1st* (please advise if they tell you differently). Many top pros use the trick where you apply a bit of loose powder to the area below the eyes/tops of cheeks to catch *fall-out*. To be noted, even the ones that use this trick have no notable *fall-out* anyhow because they have/employ skills & techniques that make it a non-issue.

      In conclusion, WHAT IF *EYES 1ST* IS NOT AN OPTION, how would YOU - AS A MAKE-UP ARTIST IMPROVE TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF YOUR APPLICATION METHOD (s) TO ENTIRELY AVOID THE DREADED 'FALL-OUT' SCENARIO? It would behoove any advocate of the *eyes 1st* method to think about ways of evolving. Worst possible outcome is that you will become a BETTER & MORE SOUGHT AFTER MAKE-UP ARTIST in the end. Your work will reflect that fact & you will then find yourself advancing upon more of your dreams & aspirations in the field. If you want to argue THAT, I'll assume you just like to argue. Your consideration of dropping/picking up this method or that method could be the difference between you staying local or going global. (in a manner of speaking)


      Jennifer James Beauty,
      Shop Steward of the *Foundation 1st* Global Union of Make-Up Professionals
      ;-) Find me on Twitter here & find my fellow union members w/ hashtag #TeamFoundationFirst!

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    Monday, August 30, 2010

    Sanitation is garbage pick-up. SANITIZATION IS CRUCIAL!!! Some make-up basics.

    Prepare your tools & work-station:
    • Wipe down area with 91% or 99% alcohol, then lay fresh paper towel for a crisp clean work surface.
    • Sanitize spatula, mixing palette, scissor, tweezer & other metal tools by thoroughly wiping down with alcohol soaked cotton ball. (after they have been thoroughly washed with warm soapy water and rinsed)
    • Use an alcohol moistened cotton swab to completely clean pencil sharpener by swabbing BOTH sides of sharpener blade. Remove any/all debris.
    • Of course begin with your freshly shampooed & adequately protected brush collection. (See blog link below, *Brush Cleaning)

    Prep products for a sanitized work session:
    • With plain facial tissue, lightly & gently wipe the surfaces of dry products like compact powders, eye shadows, blushes & bronzers removing the top layer of product. Then lightly spritz w/ 91% alcohol.
    • Dip tips of traditional pencils into alcohol, sharpen then dip again. Take EXTRA CARE to wipe away excess alcohol with a facial tissue. Allow remaining alcohol to evaporate BEFORE using. Re-sanitize sharpener between pencils.
    • Automatic/retractable pencils should be dipped into alcohol then wiped with a tissue. Be sure to remove the top layer of actual pencil product to effectively sanitize. Tip: always hold product end downward as to not flood mechanism with alcohol.
    • Use previous method the effectively sanitize lipstick tubes.
    • ALWAYS sample creamy products from jars/pots by skimming or scooping out with a sanitized spatula, then work directly from there or from mixing palette.


    _ NEVER double-dip disposable applicators (lip, mascara wands) into ANY product. Fresh disposable applicator EVERY time. Otherwise = instant contamination!
    _ Keep work-station neat by having a small trash receptacle nearby for quick, easy disposal of used applicators, cotton swabs, sponges, tissues, sharpener shavings...
    _ Use hand sanitizer or optimally WASH HANDS BETWEEN CLIENTS.
    _ Brushes are properly maintained by regular shampooing & conditioning which facilitates their sanitization.
    _ Thorough, gentle wiping of clients skin, eyes & lips w/ a moist facial cleansing cloth will contribute to your maintenance of a clean kit consistently.

    I know, I know...complicated (microbiology aspects) yet simple (follow some basic rules) things like sanitization are very important to practice in your everyday routine. Health & safety 1st!

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    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    ~ EYEBROWS!!! .Precision ✔ .Symmetry ✔ .Proportion? Uh - not so much!

    Precision ✔
    Symmetry ✔
    Proportion? Uh - not so much!

    I have recently seen a lot of advice being thrown around about brows. I am always in agreement about the brow's exceeding importance to the over-all look.  BRAVO! to those who are executing precision & symmetry. My focus right now is on PROPORTION!

    When teaching other MUAs, or giving a lesson to a client - I consistently stress symmetry, obey facial anatomy & strive for precision. It is my goal to teach someone what the tools are (makeup, visual skill & knowledge of facial anatomy) & how to use them to execute a great brow.

    What I have seen a lot of lately (even from some people doling out advice) is that scale & proportion are being ignored. So to define them both:

    Scale - noun, .A point of reference for balance. synonyms> equalize, balance
    Proportion - .Harmonious relation of parts to each other or to the whole. synonyms>balance, symmetry

    The 1st diagram shows how NOT to apply proper proportions to brow shaping/grooming - BROWS ARE WAY TOO CLOSE TOGETHER and oversized! (see  NO)

    The 2nd diagram shows correct brow proportions that obey facial anatomy with regard to the face as a whole; taking into consideration spacing between eyes, amount of space between outer nostril area, width of lips...seeing the WHOLE picture. (see YES)

    In conclusion...the face already has any instructions a MUA needs for great brow shaping. Once there is an understanding of & an obedience to those instructions - everyone should be showing off great brows. That is what I hope becomes the rule vs the exception, as it stands now. UGH!

    Sincerely & sternly,
    [ARCH]-itect EyeBROWoPhile™ - Jennifer James Beauty

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    1 on 1 Beauty Sessions via SKYPE!
    "The Perfect Brow"
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    Wednesday, August 11, 2010

    "I love working at _____!" OH DO YOU? REALLY? REALLY?!

    The makeup counter experience from the retail makeup artist's perspective is very interesting. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have seen this from behind the counters of several industry powerhouse makeup lines. I have a few observations to share;  many of which you may be able to identify with.

    A little background...I happen to be the quintessential, epitomical, text book definition of loner/people person. Don't do cliques, yet very social. Treasure me time, but can work a room. Enjoys silence & is often THEE loudest person in the room. These two sides of me have been very conducive to my career choices & my philosophy concerning commitment to my craft. Glad to have been able to strike a little balance...ok enough about me.

    Social media has become an experiment of sorts for me. Having connected with soooooo many people from so many places & at different stations in life - I can't help but notice that I have become a magnet for young makeup artists. Some of them hungry, some lazy (want the hook-up, don't want to test, don't realize their skills need major honing) & some are truly talented with lofty ambitions. I am seeing everything with my 'magnetism'. I believe they can detect that I am s sucker for answering makeup & makeup industry questions. AND I AM! Hopeless information sharer. It's all I know...ok moving along.

    Then there are those newbie makeup artists who are responsible for inspiring this blog entry: "I LOVE MY JOB! I LOVE MAKEUP! I LOVE WORKING AT _____!"

    ...so I challenge them to truthfully testify, again profess undying adoration for the position they have been so blessed to be in - with my snarky, sarcastic (admittedly almost snide & condescending) --- OH DO YOU? REALLY? REALLY?!
    Why do I ask this?  I ask because some people do makeup (doing the verb) & some people are Make Up Artists - they personify BE THE NOUN!!!

    It's what I have seen. Many of my counter colleagues used those words without bringing the work ethic with them. Glad to report they have been in the minority for my personal experience. When I think about the culprits, UGH! I will never understand it. Seems some show up everyday JUST to collect a check; no real interest in advancing their artistry, excelling in customer service, getting their 'chops' so that they are ready for what's next in the industry for a makeup artist that wants to go somewhere beyond management in the retail environment.

    MUAs who use words like passion, love, my life, what I want to do...we have heard it all!
    So I say...if  it means that much to you, don't just do the verb - BE THE NOUN!!!

     ~ Exceed expectations. Command industry language & terminology. Push your product knowledge beyond the employee handbook. Greet each day as another opportunity to shine. Regard every customer as the next celebrity. Know the production details for every company campaign. Be able to quote industry history. Study makeup artistry & challenge yourself to execute industry aesthetics - without fail. BELIEVE & PROVE TO YOURSELF THAT THE ARTIST IN YOU CAN CREATE SOMETHING YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN! BE THE NOUN!!!

    These are things I had pressed myself to do over the years as a retail artist & freelancer. I know that I am better, exceedingly prepared, & absolutely more qualified for my current full-time career as a Make Up Artist. So my charge is this: You say this is your passion, then pursue every aspect of it as such. MUAs, you can do this...BE THE NOUN!!!

    --> Jennifer James currently works as a full-time MAKE-UP ARTIST & part-time Educator who splits the year between hometown Detroit, New York City and whereever else beauty takes her.

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    Friday, July 30, 2010

    ESSENCE Magazine, Our Voice?

    The binding edge of ESSENCE Magazine says - WHERE BLACK WOMEN COME FIRST!

    Where we are 1st. Where we look 1st. Where we are the 1st image considered for presentation. Where we see ourselves 1st. Where we 1st graced EVERY cover. Where our history is 1st for dialogue. Where our many cultures are 1st to be glorified. Where we celebrate our rich history in America, 1st. Where major advertisers were 1st forced to produce ads that reflected our looks, culture & our American experience. Where these advertisers then paid for ad-space they would have 1st  disregarded us in - were for the 1st time forced to reconsider their creative direction. Forced to see us 1st.

    I am confident in Elianna Placas' abilities to be a very successful & proficient Fashion Director - in general. Her resume` speaks for itself. I do not wish to whisk her away in the spirit of "Affirmative Action". [sic] In fact, I look forward to her performance  being a 2-handed slam dunk -  in this capacity as a Fashion Director of a major U.S. lifestyle publication. YET...

    The issue is this...

    How likely is it that Elianna Placas ?:

    _Identifies with years & years of not being able to find jeans that fit.
    _Understands the feeling of not being able to wear foundation make-up that truly matched her skin.
    _Knows the complete shame felt because her image is hardly, if ever seen in fashion, beauty, TV & film.
    _Experienced the realization that celebrities of her heritage were/are not worthy of being considered a standard of beauty.
    _Could not find swimwear that flattered her body type.
    _Felt the frustration of near total exclusion within the industry (fashion) that she loves...
    _Saw the ridiculousness in the 1st main-stream acceptance of our glorious rumps being heaped onto Jennifer Lopez.

    It goes on & on. The fashion filter through our specific history & specific perspective is a unique one. Someone who may NOT HAVE BEEN IMMERSED IN THE CULTURE IS NOT QUITE AS LIKELY TO CONSIDER THESE THINGS as they convey the desires of the readership.  Someone who lives/lived the culture stands at the ready. Not to ignore our over-all progress in the least.  In its' extreme power, progress does not erase history.

    Whatever has caused this to be, whether it be pressure from Time/Warner, whether she's good friends with ESSENCE'S Editor in Chief, whether ESSENCE actually seeks to, as Roland Martin hinted - be thee most progressive publication, whether the politics of corporate America have reared their ugly head again...
    I wish there had been enough sensitivity on the part of Time/Warner & the ESSENCE EIC to honor & acknowledge the lack of inclusion of people of color in main-stream media/culture/arts/entertainment & the American experience as a whole.

    It feels like we, AGAIN have been ignored, our buying power AGAIN disregarded, AGAIN we are not competent enough to be...in charge of the sound, tenor, tone, resonance, octaves of...


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    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    ★ WIN Make-Up Artist Danessa Myricks' new DVD "FUNDAMENTAL BEAUTY"!

    Hello everyone!

    It is with great pleasure that I share with you that my illustrious colleague Danessa Myricks is debuting her new instructional makeup DVD entitled "FUNDAMENTAL BEAUTY"!

    As many of you know, Danessa is legendary for her artistry, seminars, workshops & DVDs. Her exquisite make-up work & comprehensive approach to technique makes her one of thee most sought after make-up artist/educators in the make-up industry. Danessa Myricks is truly an inspiration! Some of her up-coming appearances are listed below & get the full Danessa Myricks story on her website, www.IMakeYouBeautiful.com
    - Bronner Brothers Int'l Hair Show in Atlanta GA Aug 6-10, 2010
    Sunday  is "A Day with Danessa"! This is a day of *free* look and learn education.
    - Bennet Career Institute, Washington DC Aug 22, 2010
    Contours and Finishes 8 hour hands on Boot Camp
    - Eyes, Eyebrow, & Eyelashes - 8 Hour Hands on Boot camp Oct 10th, 2010 -  NYC

    "FUNDAMENTAL BEAUTY" in Danessa's own words "focuses on the core essential concepts for achieving a natural beauty make-up application". This DVD, like the rest of hers is sure to be a huge hit amongst make-up artists & enthusiasts alike.

    So on to the part you have been waiting for...how to win "FUNDAMENTAL BEAUTY" - Danessa Myricks' latest DVD...BEFORE it debuts to the public next month! To win, you must follow all 3 of these Twitter accounts


    & you will need to leave a comment on this blog stating that you are following (all 3) & why YOU should win a "FUNDAMENTAL BEAUTY" DVD. Simple, follow - comment - win! ;-) Jennifer James Beauty will be giving away 1 "FUNDAMENTAL BEAUTY" DVD.  I will also be tweeting/posting/statusing about other opportunities to win so check my tweets at @JenJamesBeauty, & stop by my FB page Jennifer JamesBeauty and listen to BEAUTY TALK with Illusions Cosmetics on Blog Talk radio by clicking here: BEAUTY TALK. It airs every Thursday at 9pm EST! Contest closes on this blog Thur - August 5, 2010 @ 6pm.

    Good luck!
    As always, thank you for stopping by my little 'ole blog. Your precious time spent here is greatly appreciated.
    TTYL! Jennifer
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