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I credit having two older sisters with my falling in love with EVERYTHING BEAUTY. Watching two fashionistas while growing up turned out to be a seduction of my interests. I was quite the tomboy until 8th grade  then it began. As a teen, I began to devour every beauty editorial in all of the top fashion magazines: Vogue©, Elle©, Essence©, Cosmopolitan©, Harpers Bazaar© and Seventeen. I could not get enough. I was ever-willing to spend my last $10 on an eyebrow pencil and two fashion rags. I would spend hours at the nearest store to browse the make-up lines and become familiar with every tool there was. I learned to sew at a very young age (Mommy made sure), so this was the time I started designing and sewing my own outfits to wear to school. So of course I had to have nails and eye shadow to match. If my blouse had black and white stripes or a checkered pattern, then so did my nails and eyes. Eventually becoming a NAIL TECHNICIAN & MAKE-UP ARTIST was a natural progression.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

~ EYEBROWS!!! .Precision ✔ .Symmetry ✔ .Proportion? Uh - not so much!

Precision ✔
Symmetry ✔
Proportion? Uh - not so much!

I have recently seen a lot of advice being thrown around about brows. I am always in agreement about the brow's exceeding importance to the over-all look.  BRAVO! to those who are executing precision & symmetry. My focus right now is on PROPORTION!

When teaching other MUAs, or giving a lesson to a client - I consistently stress symmetry, obey facial anatomy & strive for precision. It is my goal to teach someone what the tools are (makeup, visual skill & knowledge of facial anatomy) & how to use them to execute a great brow.

What I have seen a lot of lately (even from some people doling out advice) is that scale & proportion are being ignored. So to define them both:

Scale - noun, .A point of reference for balance. synonyms> equalize, balance
Proportion - .Harmonious relation of parts to each other or to the whole. synonyms>balance, symmetry

The 1st diagram shows how NOT to apply proper proportions to brow shaping/grooming - BROWS ARE WAY TOO CLOSE TOGETHER and oversized! (see  NO)

The 2nd diagram shows correct brow proportions that obey facial anatomy with regard to the face as a whole; taking into consideration spacing between eyes, amount of space between outer nostril area, width of lips...seeing the WHOLE picture. (see YES)

In conclusion...the face already has any instructions a MUA needs for great brow shaping. Once there is an understanding of & an obedience to those instructions - everyone should be showing off great brows. That is what I hope becomes the rule vs the exception, as it stands now. UGH!

Sincerely & sternly,
[ARCH]-itect EyeBROWoPhile™ - Jennifer James Beauty

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