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I credit having two older sisters with my falling in love with EVERYTHING BEAUTY. Watching two fashionistas while growing up turned out to be a seduction of my interests. I was quite the tomboy until 8th grade  then it began. As a teen, I began to devour every beauty editorial in all of the top fashion magazines: Vogue©, Elle©, Essence©, Cosmopolitan©, Harpers Bazaar© and Seventeen. I could not get enough. I was ever-willing to spend my last $10 on an eyebrow pencil and two fashion rags. I would spend hours at the nearest store to browse the make-up lines and become familiar with every tool there was. I learned to sew at a very young age (Mommy made sure), so this was the time I started designing and sewing my own outfits to wear to school. So of course I had to have nails and eye shadow to match. If my blouse had black and white stripes or a checkered pattern, then so did my nails and eyes. Eventually becoming a NAIL TECHNICIAN & MAKE-UP ARTIST was a natural progression.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

SKYPE Beauty Sessions with JENNIFER JAMES BEAUTY! (1on1 & MUA2MUA w/ models)

Need make up help? Wish to fine tune your skill set?
Presenting 1 on 1 or MUA to MUA (w/ models) Customized Makeup Lessons via SKYPE with

Jennifer James Beauty!

SKYPE BEAUTY SESSIONS  are 75, 90 minutes, or a full 2 hours of tips, tricks, artistry concepts & product selection with a focus on time saving techniques customized to your specific beauty needs. SKYPE BEAUTY is for Consumers, Beauty Junkies & Makeup Artists alike. (Now in HD)

Select here:

Click ADD TO CART above to get started! Then we schedule your email, or phone consultation to customize your session. We will go over specifics you would like to work on, product recommendations & your goals for the session. If you desire a phone consultation before committing, text Jennifer at 929.500.1079 to set that up! All questions are welcome.

Meanwhile: Send a contact request to SKYPE NAME JENJAMESBEAUTY

*All of the classes detailed at http://www.JenniferJamesBeauty.com can be customized as SKYPE sessions. To begin the consultation process before making a commitment. Send an email to jenjamesbeauty@gmail.com with a few details about yourself & what you may seek to gain from SKYPE Beauty!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Makeup Artists - Stay In Your Lane!

Ok, rant time!
MUAS, I’M OVER IT! First of all, STOP accepting gigs that you are not at all ready for. Secondly, STOP coming into Facebook groups/online forums with “oh woe is me”, because that gig turned out to be a complete disaster! Don’t try to blame the Stylist, Mother of the Bride, the Photographer, Director, President Obama, or anyone else for YOUR mistake! Whether skill set, managing logistics, contract details, kit supplies/preparedness etc., YOU ARE RESPONSIBLEwhen things don’t go well.
Many of the online communities that I mentioned above are replete with ANY/ALL of the information you need. In fact, I charge you with FELONY NEGLECT! Neglect of information and resources. Indeed, it would behoove you to strengthen your network of colleagues (ask questions/get help/hire knowledgeable assistants) so that you won’t subject yourself, OR A CLIENT to such unnecessary chaos!
If you get an offer that YOU KNOW you aren’t prepared to execute properly, be a true professional, decline the offer, pass it on OR bring in a colleague.
Reasons hiring an experienced colleague makes sense:
 Your professionalism is solidified
• They can offer you hands on expertise
• You learn and get experience at the same time
• Client is happy because the event/shoot was a success
• More business comes your way because you exemplified “team player”
We all know that even with the most careful planning and forethought, things can go wrong. Still, we should equip ourselves as acutely as possible. MUAs, don’t be the inexperienced “driver speeding into traffic”! Be a smart student of our industry by doing your homework. Honor the legacy within our ranks by respecting those who have gone before us. They paid dues – WE MUST ALSO.
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Make Up Courses for Make Up Artists, NYC

Visit http://www.jenniferjames-beauty.com/classes to view Makeup Courses for Makeup Artists from Jennifer James Beauty. Now booking private sessions in the Greater NYC area!



Ph: 929.500.1079 | Email: jenniferjamesbeauty@gmail.com

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jennifer James Beauty's Philosophy...in tweets.

    • Jennifer James Beauty Take what u already know.Study timeless,iconic images.Do step by step breakdown of possible technique.

    • Jennifer James Beauty The breakdown? Products. Tools. Aspects of #colortheory. Facial anatomy. Attention to detail.

    • Jennifer James Beauty Pinpoint what's different about your work & work you greatly admire. Look for what you're missing.

    • Jennifer James Beauty Figure out if your perception is in line w/ an established aesthetic or comfort zone of your skill.

    • Jennifer James Beauty Color Wheel. Memorize every word & concept printed on it & GET YOUR KIT & ACT THEM OUT!

    • Jennifer James Beauty See parallels EVERYWHERE! Corpse on CSI=facial anatomy. Fine Art Portraiture =highlights & contours.

    • Jennifer James Beauty Refine your technique to how mastery was achieved b4 primers, eye base & Photoshop were crutches.

    • Jennifer James Beauty Don't fear knowing & being judged on the difference between poor, mediocre, fair, good & excellent.

    • Jennifer James Beauty ‎>With expertise<, go to your weak side first. Then match it using the strengths of your strong side.

    • Jennifer James Beauty Understand that the word ART in our title is something that bears responsibility to GLOBAL IDEALS.

    • Jennifer James Beauty If access to information has made you lazy - WAKE UP & STOP TAKING IT FOR GRANTED. #READ #Research

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery: Part 11 - We fingerpaint b4 we learn math, writing & science.Study artistry math, writing & science. #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery: Part 12 - Frame detailed stories 4 #makeup looks to encourage imagination & inspiration from within. #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery: Part 13 - Mistakes-what we shd use 2 figure out who we are within the craft. Face them.Analyze them. #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery: Part 14 - Bring innovation into your offerings. Observe your inspirations & add ur own contribution. #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery: Part 15 - The masters are masters b/c their expertise has a signature. What's ur artistry signature? #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery #17: TALENT is natural.SKILL is developed.BOTH can be fully realized w/ EDUCATION & HARD WORK. #MakeupMonday #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs: #GraspTheMastery, #18 - #Artistry rooted in the basics has been/is the most successful formula to follow. #MakeupMonday #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery #19: The beauty of skin is in it's texture & hue.Retain it's true essence w/ makeup. #SkinCareTuesday #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery #20: Skin reflects & shows shadows.In it's simplest sense, makeup imitates this. #SkinCareTuesday #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery #21: Ingredients. Manufacturing process. Physical properties of key components. Understand cosmetics. #Makeup

    • Jennifer James Beauty ★ #MUAs - #GraspTheMastery #22: Advanced skills matter even if you don't use them.Study #SFX mu, u'll be a better beauty artist. #Makeup

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It is wedding season!

It is wedding season!

Jennifer James Beauty is now booking in the Greater NYC area.

vm: 929.500.1079 ph: 313.303.8480 | Email: jenniferjamesbeauty@gmail.com

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I DO MAKEUP... Haute is...Magazine: 1st photo shoot behind the scenes

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Jennifer James Beauty, Makeup Artist - PORTFOLIO

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