Friday, February 26, 2016

Makeup Artists, Is Leomie Anderson Talking About You?


If you’re that Makeup Artist that does not have experience with varied complexions, or a pro kit for global skin tones, ask yourself these questions:

•Why is my kit ill-equipped for any/every skin tone?
•Why don’t I know how to work on any/every skin shade?
•Why have I never pursued including models of different ethnicities in my portfolio?
•Why have I never even thought that it is necessary for my skill set to include global skin tones?
•Do I know people of ranging ethnicities? Why not? Am I not exposed to diverse groups of people in my every day life?
•Is my initial reaction to this subject matter becoming defensive, getting uncomfortable, and making excuses?
•Where would I even go if I wanted to learn multi-ethnic skin?
•What would I do if I was confronted about being unprepared?
•Am I too comfortable with the fact that I rarely (if ever) encounter many people of color?
•Am I part of the problem?

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